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The Scalded Cat is primarily a small wave board, designed through countless prototypes and tests, to enhance your performance in small, marginal surf. This board will turn a summer slop session into a ton of fun!

The standard fin setup is twin fin plus stabiliser but can also be ordered as a 5-fin if you prefer to ride it as a thruster or quad.

  • Outline: Semi-fish with a full pointed nose
  • Rocker: Low for drive, glide and extra paddle power, with the perfect balance of tail rocker to keep it loose and lively
  • Concave: Single to double, with an accentuated V-like spine through the tail, which increases rail to rail responsiveness
  • Rails: Medium to full rails
  • Deck: Flat, with retro thickness distribution, making it a dream to paddle. The volume is carried forward, finishing in a small beak nose.
  • Tail: Double wing swallow, which reduces the area behind your back foot, accelerating turning performance and the ability to sink the rail easily through turns


  • PU construction with 4oz x 4oz (deck) x 4oz (bottom) glassing

Fin Recommendation:

  • FCSII MR Twin + Stabiliser

For information on custom orders, the available stock boards or spray prices please contact us at or (02) 4961 3088

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