Collection: RIPCURL

Rip Curl founded in 1969 by Brian Singer and Doug "Claw" Warbrick prides itself on being the ultimate surf company. It has become recognisable and well respected within the surf scene and often learning forefront in Surf and Snow industries. They can attest to being the first company to sponsor a surf event that being the iconic Bells Beach contest in 1973 which of course was taken out by the late great Michael Peterson or better known around the surfing circles as MP.

Rip Curl is all about the crew that gather in 'Search' for the ultimate adventure. It is the driving force for the company and allows for ease access for any product no matter the condition's. Whether that being wanting to stay out in ice cold conditions during the wintery goodness of swells that are provided or a stylish masterpiece to rock in the summers months Rip Curl have you covered.