Collection: VOLCOM

Volcom was cofounded by Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall in 1991 with the idea of creating a brand that would fit perfectly into their three favourite core sports, snowboarding,skating and surfing.
This dream to first enter the market came at a time when Tucker had just been laid off work and Richard took some time off so they both decided to go on an epic trip to carve up the snow. It was here where they experienced pristine conditions of fresh snow daily which inspired the idea of creating a board label. It wasn't until Later that spring they the idea eventually came to fruition with Richard's Dad kindly giving them $5000 to create this dream.
It was with this money that the Volcom brand was established, it has continued to grow globally with a healthy influence on those three core sports with an endless amount of clothing to fit anyone's desires. Volcom continue to push the boundaries that flow through art.