Collection: FUTURES FIN

Future Fins began in 1996 in a garage in the iconic surf area of California. The Longo brothers first making a name for themselves in the aerospace game but later on intwined their knowledge for these designs for their other great passion, surfing.

They were the first fin company to introduce a pre-lamination fin box which in turn gets its strength from the fibreglass, later on once surfers had pushed the boundaries of surfing and started riding waves that were no longer paddle-able the introduction of stiff stable fins was developed. Futures continues to push the design template for fins and now allows easy understanding of Fin designs with the ride number. They have also introduced the new Alpha fin designs which help reduce the waste build up from fin productions with an infusion of Bureo's NetPlus recycled fishing nets incorporated with Future's compound 6 carbon and air infusion.


So no matter the board Future's Fins have got you covered with an array of fin designs and a multitude of different materials available.