Collection: CARVE

Established in 1998 Carve managed to successfully fill the gap between premium eye wear and affordability. This Australian owned and managed company continues to thrive in its core interests of surfing, snowboarding and adventure.

These days Carve has grown into a well established brand with their toes in sunglasses, snow goggles and apparel. Currently stocked in over 30 countries worldwide they continue to establish a loyal fan base with their products engaging an innovative and dedicated design.

They've continued to grow in an eco sense as they have launched a sunglass range made from 100% ocean bound plastic, they also continually look for new ways to reduce single use plastic and are continuously searching for new way to minimise their impact on the environment. 

Passion and promise is the core value of Carve's brand, which is why they boast a talented roster in snow boarding and surfing with a crew of new up and comers promoting the brand and also well established and influential riders internationally.