Collection: LOST

The Lost surfbrand was established in 1985 when the iconic board shaper Matt Biolis with the help of some school friends began scribbling on anything they could get their hands on with the legendary tag "Team Lost".

It wasn't until 1987 when Matt Biolis managed to score a gig sanding surfboards fresh out of highschool where he adopted the nickname "Mayhem"; an ode to the second model he shaped. 

In his first year alone he made 20 boards, however demand didn't meet supply straight away, his name was more synonymous with sanding and painting board designs dropping in a handwritten LOST tag wherever he could.

Some big name surfers in the scene such as Christian Fletcher and Matt Archibold began asking for Matt Biolis to paint their boards. It wasn't long before he started making a name for himself and working with a plethora of local legends of the shaping scene in California that he was able to refine and perfect his crafting art, whilst also receiving quality feedback from top surfers 

Nowadays, LOST has opened up production in the Gold Coast, Australia allowing for locally hand shaped and finished crafts readily available at any given time. The LOST team boasts an impressive calibre of high quality rippers with access to boards for any given day no matter the conditions. Which can now be accessed for any local lords who are wanting a new craft to froth on. All models are tested, developed and refined to allow for peak performance for any surfer.