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A short and sweet, psychedelic treat, from the mad mind of Mason Ho. The Little Wing is a playful performance shortboard, focused on fun, every day, small to mid-sized surf.

Derived from one of our classic small wave boards, The Baby Buggy, Little Wing is a Mason tinged, direct descendant to that one time wildly popular board. Designed and developed at his Psychedelic Majesties request, we started with one of Mason's favourite, 5’6” Baby Buggy’s and built out from that chassis, retaining much of the elements that brought its small wave liveliness and re-worked it into something new and magical.

The Little Wing experience features:

  • A short, wide outline with plenty of speed generating and lift producing surface area
  • A full, forgiving nose and noticeable “hip” in the waist of the tail, which is wide and curvy at the front fins, but pulled in behind the rear fin, adding more precision cornering.
  • Low, speedy entry rocker, for fast, out of the gate, down the line speed. Relaxed curve through the centre and a fair bit of tail lift, for quick release snappiness too.
  • Soft, round, forgiving rails, upfront and through the centre, tapering into fast, hard edges and a thin boxy tail.
  • A deep concave through the centre of the board and an even more pronounced double concave through the fins. The deepest overall concave in our line of performance boards. The concave creates lift and pop, bringing sub-par and soft, playful surf to life.
  • Increased thickness through the centerline, carried forward into the nose, for drive and paddle-ability, with a moderately rolled deck, making for lower volume, soft, forgiving rails.
  • A slight double concave deck, in the tail, for Mason’s abhorrence of stick-on tail grips. The double concave deck gives added grip and a nice “broken in” feeling, right off the bat.

Most people will still put a grip on it so we recommend one without an arch.

Style Code - LPULW

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