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The Puffer Twin combines elements of my 1980 Retro Pro Twin with the modern Super Twin and Flying Fish models to create the ultimate retro high-performance twin.

I’ve combined the float and great paddle/glide characteristics of the Retro Twins with the high-performance features of my fish, Super Twin and thruster models.

The standard fin setup is twin fin plus stabiliser.


  • Outline: Semi-fish with a full pointed nose
  • Rocker: Low for drive, glide and paddle power, with the perfect balance of tail rocker to keep it loose and lively
  • Concave: High-performance single to double concave, with an accentuated V-like spine through the tail
  • Rails: Medium to full rails
  • Deck: Flat deck with thickness distribution halfway between a Retro Twin and a Super Twin with the volume carried forward, finishing in a small beak nose
  • Tail: A slight wing with a swallow tail shape which helps to reduce the tail area, giving the board holding power and bite through turns


  • PU construction with 4oz x 4oz (deck) x 4oz (bottom) glassing

Fin Recommendation:

  • FCSII MR Twin + Stabiliser

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