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Introducing SimplePatch, it's not a piece of tape!

We have done all the hard work....

First, we carefully cut a piece of fibreglass cloth (the same glass fibre your board is made from).

We then infused the fibreglass cloth with a precise amount of UV curing resin.

Finally, we packaged it with a clear application film – so you don’t get resin on your fingers.

All you need to do is....

Peel open the patch.

Apply to your board.

Cure in the sun, then peel off film.



SimplePatch is a revolutionary resin infused 3oz fibreglass patch that can be easily applied to create a smooth finished, waterproof, high strength permanent repair in minutes. No more mixing resins, no more sticky fingers, no more endless sanding to get smooth, just simply Peel & Stick!

Why we created SimplePatch?

As surfers who travel with boards and live at one of Australia’s slipperiest rock lined point breaks, we are no stranger to damaging boards. Having a professional board repairer fix your board gets a great result but you are without a board for several weeks, it can be expensive and when traveling professional board repairers are often not an option. So we look for other options to make do and try fix our boards ourselves…

"We need a Band-aid for surfboards!"

One afternoon we were discussing Band-aids for surfboards and we came up with a list of 'must-haves'

  • Fast to apply anywhere with no tool
  • Provides a permanent repair
  • Makes the board waterproof again
  • Has a smooth surface finish without sanding

We all hate sanding!

All sounded pretty simple and so SimplePatch was born. 3 years of development later and we now have what we believe to be the most effective, easiest to apply board repair product available on the market. Give it a go it is so simple.

Our goals are also simple – Make repairing boards easy for everyone and give people the confidence and knowledge to repair their own boards. We have strived to make all our instructions, packaging, ‘How to’ videos as clear and helpful as possible. We want feedback, we want to see your repair photos or videos. This will all help us to improve our instructions and update our ‘How to’ repair resources.

We proudly manufacture all our products in a small shed in Ballina NSW Australia.
Support an Australian manufacturing small business and give SimplePatch a go!
Clinton Hollier & Paul Daly

It was time for a better solution

If you have ever fixed a board properly yourself you would know that it is not an easy job. It’s messy, time consuming, requires several different materials, tools and equipment that are often single use and thrown out after one single repair. It was impossible to carry out a proper repair anywhere and with no tools. So what options were available to us?

Some surf companies sell ‘repair kits’ with a small amount of fibreglass cloth, a small tin of resin, a few squares of sandpaper, a little cup, a Paddlepop stick, a piece of foam, a small bottle of catalyst, one glove with instructions that basically should say ‘Good luck you’ll need it’! We all took one of these on a trip had our board damaged on the plane, you arrive with a board with a few cracked rails so you go to repair it and find that after expertly applying the first layer of glass with the Paddlepop stick, you want to mix another bit of resin, but your glove is stuck to your Paddlepop mixer that is stuck in your mixing cup and you have some resin that has run across the bottom of your board and hardened that you will spend all your week long holiday sanding smooth with the tiny bit of sandpaper that came in the kit.

They are nothing more than a joke these kits, so what else is available? UV curing resin mixed with glass fibres this was the answer some 20 to 30 years ago and it is still the ‘Good enough’ solution that is available now.

Every brand sells some of this miracle goop in a tube, and all us surfers have put up with it forever. It does have its drawbacks. Trying to get the toothpaste like resin to sit flat against the surface of your board while curing is almost impossible. Blobs form the resin drips on your board you always ended up with a lumpy repair that looked ugly and would require heaps of sanding.

The original repair resins were just resin they did not have the small glass fibres mixed in, and it was discovered that resin on its own is very weak and repairs were falling out, easily splitting and water was getting in. So they now mix in small glass fibres to give the resin some limited strength. This comes at a cost however that we have all experienced, when cured the resin with the fibres is harder to sand than the boards surface itself so you now have a repair that looks like a ‘kankle’ covering the smallest of cracks that is virtually impossible to sand flat by hand.

So we all just put up with these ugly blobs of goop that we blindly believe are giving some strength and keeping the water out of our boards. How many of these repairs do you have on your boards that you thought I will get that repaired properly when I get home? It never happens, your boards collect these resin growths for life.

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