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The Nomad Enigma with its buoyant EPS core and single stringer reinforcement is a perfect entry level bodyboard. 

Board Performance

EPS single stringer bodyboard performance bar


Core - EPS 
Stringer - 1 x EXT Stringer
Rails - 50/50
Channels - Graduated 
Slick - HDPE
Deck - IXLPE Crosslink 
Tail - Clipped Crescent
Additional Features - na
Manufacturing Country - China


  • EPS Bodyboard Information at INverted Bodyboarding
    Extra lightweight extruded foam offering buoyancy for entry level bodyboarders. This foam is 100% waterproof and ideal in all climates.
    5545 Rail information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    55/45 Rails
    This rail setup leaves less of your rail in the water and offers the rider less contact with the water and therefore better drive and speed throughout all conditions.
    EXT Stringer Performance at Inverted Bodyboarding
    EXT Stringer
    Pultruded plastic and carbon composite rod offering rigidity and durability.
    Graduated Channel information at Inverted Bodyboarding
    Graduated Channels
    Graduated channels are a slow rise channel which redirect waterflow to create lift and allow the rider a better grip on the wave. 
    HDPE Plastic Slick Bodyboards at Inverted Bodyboarding
    HDPE is a high density plastic. This plastic is hard wearing and very stiff. Whilst it will perform as per the norm, it is more prone to creasing when under heavy stress as for its high density properties.
    IXLPE Crosslink Decking INformation at Inverted Bodyboarding
    IXLPECrosslink Decking
    IXLPE is physically crosslinked polyethylene foam and is a very smooth skin decking. Soft in appearance and feeling.
    Clipper Crescent Bodyboard Performance at Inverted Bodyboarding
    Clipped Crescent
    The clipped crescent tail is the most popular crescent tail option. This tail will perform when driving, turning, carving and releasing. Clipping the tail allows the rider to maximise their drive and maintain control through the outer concaves and clipped areas.
    China Bodyboard Manufacturing information at INverted
    Manufacturing Country: China
    Most, if not all, entry level bodyboards come out of China. Mass produced for Summer, these bodyboards are made for beginner level bodyboarding in the shore.