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Demo Surfboards Available:

5'11 27.8L, 6'0 28.5L, 6'1 29.9L & 6'2 31.6L


Our R&D process has seen countless different versions of this board ridden from waist high to double overhead plus, by everyday surfers to World Title contenders, in average surfs at home to annual trips chasing waves. No matter what, it won’t let you down. The Monsta 10 is our best flagship shortboard yet, and now, it’s ready for the rest of the world to enjoy. The best always find a way to get better. 


For 2023 and beyond, we've made some slight adjustments to the foil along with fractionally deeper concaves, to be in line with the Traktor Team's most recent favourite boards.

The rocker is still the same magic curve as our Monsta 20, featuring a generous sweet spot which easily generates speed, allows you to control big turns, and balances release out of the lip. The nose has just enough flip in the last few inches to prevent catching in critical parts of the wave, while the tail rocker remains to fit into the waves our Monsta is designed to thrive in - almost any conditions from chest high to double overhead plus.

Single concave under front foot runs into a double concave through the fins to give you extra lift yet maintain control in powerful surf, while a clean outline flows into a slight hip that allows for responsive direction changes. Overall, the Monsta prompts intuitive & fast surfing.

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