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C1 Carbon Epoxy

Introducing our high-performance C1 surfboard construction, crafted with precision using advanced materials for unmatched performance in the water.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and buoyant 36g closed cell EPS foam core for exceptional floatation and sensitivity .
  • Full wrap of High Modulus 160g carbon fibre sourced from Japan delivers unparalleled stiffness and strength for maximum energy transfer and responsiveness.
  • Additional wrap of 4 oz E-glass provides outstanding durability and impact resistance, ensuring the board's longevity and protection against dings.
  • Reinforced fin and leg rope plugs with 2 x 4 oz patches for added strength and stability.
  • Vacuum bagging construction technique ensures precise epoxy resin infusion, even lamination, and reduced weight for enhanced strength and performance.


  • Unmatched Performance: The combination of EPS foam, High Modulus carbon fibre, E-glass and aero-space grade epoxy resin, optimises the board's performance capabilities, allowing for quick acceleration, powerful turns, and exceptional control on the wave.
  • Lightweight Design: The careful selection of materials and construction techniques results in a lightweight surfboard, enhancing performance , paddle efficiency, and strength.
  • Durability and Impact Resistance: The carbon fibre reinforcement and E-glass provide excellent durability, protecting the board against impacts and maintaining its structural integrity even in challenging conditions.
  • Maximum Responsiveness: The stiff and responsive characteristics of the High Modulus carbon fibre enable instant energy transfer, allowing the surfer to experience unmatched speed, responsiveness, and a direct connection with the wave.

Experience the pinnacle of high-performance surfing with our meticulously crafted surfboard, engineered to take your surfing to new levels .

Zero Compromise

Inferno 72

Stab in the Dark - WINNER.

The Inferno 72 is the model Sharpeye Surfboards built for the 2021 Stab in the Dark contest. This board is a PU/PE replica of the Dark Arts Epoxy board that took the win.

The Inferno 72 was originally designed for Filipe Toledo to compete on at "The Rumble at the Ranch" competition in 2020. Filipe ended up winning the comp. When Sharpeye shaper Marcio Zouvi was approached by Stab to enter the Dark Arts edition he chose to supply the Inferno 72.

The Inferno 72 is a tuned up version of the Disco Inferno, a tried and tested QS favourite. We have added more rocker in the entry and exit for more hold through turns and drive. It’s going to surf its best in small to medium waves and just like the Disco Inferno the Inferno 72 is a performance surfboard that will handle just about all conditions thrown at it and maintain its spark.

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