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Fu Wax for Surfing

Hyper-tac surf wax for real surfers, 100% handmade in Brazil with limited production.

  • Base Coat (All season. Undercoat only - zero traction)
  • Tropical ( 21°C)
  • Warm (18°C - 21°C) 
  • Summer Cool   (16°C - 20°C) 
  • Cool (14°C - 18°C)
  • Cold (<14°C)

We simply can’t imagine a better wax. Fu creates that “soft feet” feeling, where the board seems to follow your movements no matter which way you turn. Due to its non-horizontal slip, Fu makes stomping airs a breeze, and if anything, its tackiness only increases throughout the session. Amazingly, the secret Fu formula was developed over 20 years of trial and error and, like many great inventions before it, was only discovered due to a production mistake. We’ll have more on that coming soon (the full story of Fu!), but for now, say hello to your Stab Wax Test winner, and the favorite of pro surfers everywhere: Fu Wax Brazil.

Fu Wax is a popular surf wax that originates in Brazil and is the favourite of many pro surfers around the world. Winner of Stab's Best Surf Wax, Fu Wax has incredible tackiness thanks to its special formula that has been refined over multiple decades. The production mishap that eventually exposed this unique formula occurred at the last minute since Fu was facing bankruptcy. Today, this is now the most hyped surf wax around and praised by many pros. Get your Fu Wax now to see what all the hype is about!

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