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The Boss up is the bigger brother of the S Boss, Kelly's first-ever midlength.

Designed by Dan Mann in partnership with Kelly Slater and Kevin Schulz, this utility midlength is the most well-rounded and versatile shape in the Slater Designs range, crafted to cruise across weak wave faces and grind through cavernous overhead tubes.

The Boss Up is the board you would travel with if you could only bring one board with you. Your one board quiver with maximum performance in a purely versatile package.

Recommended to ride roughly +13 liters more volume than your standard shortboard, paired with the KS1 5 Fin Template configured as a Quad.


This is the most versatile board in the Slater Designs range, it works in everything from smaller surf to barrels. The crew has been loving it in punchy surf with an open face, a perfect board for carving and linking turns. While many look at this shape for small and gutless surf, it would work well at a big point break like Pavones or Rincon, or even a big day at Sunset.


The Boss Up is an elongated evolution of the S Boss, with bigger dimensions and a longer rail line for enhanced drive and versatility across all conditions. This shape is one that doesn't command you dial-in your volume perfectly - any single surfer can ride the Boss Up in a variety of sizes. Around +13 liters of volume more than your standard shortboard is the team's recommendation.

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