MR Puffer Twin - Board Review

MR Puffer Twin - Board Review

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The Puffer Twin is MR’s latest summer model and combines of all the best features of the 1980 Retro Twin and the modern Super Twin. This blend has created a modern, high-performance small-wave twin that is fast, loose and has quickly become my favourite small wave board ever!

The Puffer Twin has the forward thickness distribution and rocker of the 1980 Twin for tonnes of paddle power, glide and down the line speed. The back end of the board is more refined with a steeper tail rocker to keep it lively and a modern single to double concave that is spined through the tail for rail-rail responsiveness. Like all of MR’s twins it has a winged swallow tail for increased turning performance/pivot and 3 sets of FCSII plugs in Twin + Stabiliser position.  Unlike the Super Twin or Cali Twin I have found that the Puffer performs great as a straight twin and then you have the option for the stabiliser if the surf is good. I did a bit of experimenting with twin fin sets and definitely prefer the MR Twin + 1 FCSII’s in my Puffer Twin

Recommended Conditions: Everything from 1-3ft


  • The forward rocker and thickness distribution of a 1980 Twin for a tonne of paddle power & glide
  • Single-double concave that is spined through the tail for fast rail-rail transitions
  • Medium tail rocker and winged swallow for responsiveness and pivot
  • FCSII Twin + Stabiliser


 Review by - Tim Dickson

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