MR Scalded Cat Board Review

MR Scalded Cat Board Review

Store owner Tim reviews the Mark Richards Scalded Cat Twin

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The Scalded Cat is the ultimate small wave performance board in the Mark Richards range. The model was conceived from a 1970’s MR kneeboard template which was dug out of the archives by our very own Mick Adam. It’s got the same nose template and double-wing swallow tail as the original but revamped for the modern era with an updated foil, rails & concaves. It was designed for 0-3ft waves with maximum paddle power and speed generation whilst still maintaining enough performance to nail a good section when it comes your way. 


  • Old school beak nose which allows the thickness to be maintained further forward than normal. This is combined with a wide nose outline, more foam under your chest = more paddle power.
  • Double-wing swallow tail to reduce the area behind your back foot to increase responsiveness as well as hold.
  • Like you would expect in all professional grovellers, deep concaves. The Scalded Cat has a single-double concave which accentuates between the fins for a vee-like spined double which creates more rail-rail liveliness.

Why it’s Awesome:

There are too many small wave twins out there that are designed for maximum speed and minimum performance. This works ok in most sloppy surf but is a real bummer when a decent section comes your way and your board doesn’t want to hold a rail or go near the pocket. MR’s Scalded Cat stands head and shoulders above every other groveller I’ve tried due to the way performance isn’t sacrificed. This is a board that will let you do a full roundhouse cutback on a 3ft bowl, happily go vertical and still zoom over a 1ft burger.

The Scalded Cat will get you frothing to surf and having as much fun as possible, even on the smallest & weakest days.

Fin Set-Up:

(Copy and pasted from my Super Twin Review because as far as I’m concerned it applies just as well for the Scalded Cat)

I’d say 99% of us ride the Scalded Cat with a stabiliser for the extra drive and control it provides (it’s amazing how much difference such a small fin can make) but I know a few twin-only specialists who make it look easy and enjoy the extra speed and looseness.

Any upright performance twin fin set will work in the Super Twin so these days your options are almost limitless, but I will narrow it down:

  • The FCSII MR Twin + 1 Set or Futures T1’s are the no brainer to start with if unsure
  • The FCSII Mick Fanning Twin + 1 Set have been my favourite set of twins since they came out and I use them in my 1980 Twin (without a stabiliser), Scalded Cat, Puffer Twin & Super Twin. They are a weird shape with similar area of the twins to the MR’s but a much bigger stabiliser which gives them a bit more hold, and for me more speed/drive
  • The FCSII Power Twin + 1 Set have more surface area again and therefore more hold/drive but less pivot/release – a good option if you’re 90kg+

Like all fin set-ups there is no right and wrong and personal preference matters. We all surf differently and put weight in different places so why should we all like the same fins? We have demo sets in every fin I listed above so if in doubt come grab a set (or 3) to try for yourself and find what works for you.

Written By: Tim Dickson


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