MR Super Twin 2 - Board Review

MR Super Twin 2 - Board Review

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Tim’s Dims: 5’6 x 19 ¼ x 2 ¼ - 25.5L (I’m 70kg, 5’11) 


The Super Twin is MR’s signature high-performance modern twin fin and has been the spearhead of his range since 2000 (Mick still has board #1!). There have been a few adjustments to the file in that time and the most recent ‘Super Twin 2’ gave us a slightly wider and outline than the original ultra-narrow file to make it faster, looser and better in everyday conditions. If you want just the one MR in your quiver to ride, the Super Twin is it - no if, buts, or maybes.

The Super Twin is a small-medium size wave high performance all-rounder, designed to be ridden as a Twin + Stabiliser or a straight Twin Fin if you’re feeling loose and fruity. It has a wider nose outline and medium entry rocker for paddle power and glide, moderate single-double concave for generating speed, a low rail for responsiveness and a winged-swallow tail for power and bite through turns. It’s perfect as a daily driver for intermediate surfers all the way up to experienced professionals as a small wave option.

Why it’s the Best Board in the World

I’ll start my admitting that John-John at 12ft Haleiwa makes a compelling case for the Pyzel Ghost and if that’s your level of surfing, and you’re regularly in waves that size I wouldn’t argue. However, living in Newcastle we unfortunately can expect the bulk of our surfing to be done in 2ft surf at less than a 10 second period, and despite what we would all like to believe most of us aren’t pushing a board anywhere near close to what JJF does. All that considered, sacrificing some hold for extra speed and responsiveness is a good thing.

Like all the best boards the Super Twin just feels like an extension of your body – it goes where you want, holds an edge like a hot knife through butter but then releases smoothly when you want it to. With the Twin + 1 setup it’s a lot closer to a thrusters predictability through turns than a traditional, old-school twin. This is combined with the get-up-and-go acceleration that seems to only come from a twinny - once you’ve got used to this speed in your all-rounder it’s very difficult to go back.

Recommended Conditions

1 - 4ft (2 - 8ft faces)

Like all boards you can ride the Super Twin in whatever wave size you like, but it will do its best work in this range. I find in 5ft waves the looseness of a twin comes into play and I can’t push it as hard as I would like, but anything smaller than that - you’re on. The cleaner the surf and the steeper the waves are in this range the better and better it will go.

Fin Set-Up

I’d say 95% of us ride the Super Twin with a stabiliser for the extra drive and control it provides (it’s amazing how much difference such a small fin can make) but I know a few twin-only specialists who make it look easy and enjoy the extra speed and looseness.

Any upright performance twin fin set will work in the Super Twin so these days your options are almost limitless, but I will narrow it down:

  • The FCSII MR Twin + 1 Set or Futures T1’s are the no brainer to start with if unsure
  • The FCSII Mick Fanning Twin + 1 Set have been my favourite set of twins since they came out and I use them in my 1980 Twin (without a stabiliser), Scalded Cat, Puffer Twin & Super Twin. They are a weird shape with similar area of the twins to the MR’s but a much bigger stabiliser which gives them a bit more hold, and for me more speed/drive
  • The FCSII Power Twin + 1 Set have more surface area again and therefore more hold/drive but less pivot/release – a good option if you’re 90kg+

Like all fin set-ups there is no right and wrong and personal preference matters. We all surf differently and put weight in different places so why should we all like the same fins? We have demo sets in every fin I listed above so if in doubt come grab a set (or 3) to try for yourself and find what works for you.

Written By: Tim Dickson

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