JS Schooner Board Review

JS Schooner Board Review


Store owner Tim Dickson reviews the JS Schooner

Demo Surfboards Available:

5'11 28.7L, 6'0 30.0L, 6'1 31.7L, 6'2 32.9L, 6'3 34.6L & 6'4 36.2L

Tim's Dims: 5'9 x 18 1/4 x 2 5/16 - 25.4L (I'm 70kg/5'11)


The JS Schooner is Mikey Wrights signature model, developed by refining the most popular board in their range - Occy's Raging Bull. The Schooner came into existence when Mikey and a number of other JS team riders were ordering Raging Bulls, but tweaking the file to make them narrower and more high-performance. The feedback was so good it had to go into production!


The Schooner is a high-volume, performance shortboard with the wide point pushed a lot further forward than a classic shortboard, such as the Monsta 10, to maximise paddle power, plus allow you to ride it an inch or two shorter. The rails are extremely low to offset this thickness and make the board as responsive as possible.

It's got a medium rocker (that does kick quite steeply in the back few inches) and a classic pin tail which creates a lot of hold and allows control through turns on bigger and more powerful waves.

Fin Set-Up:

Typically I use the FCS H4's or AM's in all of my shortboards and don't normally like a more upright/pivot-style template, however the Schooner is the one exception in my quiver. I was finding that unless the surf was 4-5ft + the board felt too stiff with H4's in so tried out a set of our demo Matt Biolos thrusters - game changer! These more upright fins provided just the right amount of pivot/release and suddenly I was loving my Schooner in 3ft waves.

Recommended Conditions:

3-8ft (especially for hollow surf where you can take advantage of a shorter board to maneuver through barrels)


Written By: Tim Dickson

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