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Our Community


Merewether Surfboard Club

The roots of the Club trace back to the original 'Merewether Board Club', which transcended in January 1960 under the guidance of Jim Newburn's father, Jim Snr. This collective evolved into the 'Beachniks', an eclectic group of trailblazers who shaped the Merewether surf scene for years to come. Although the Newcastle Surf Association was established in 1963, formal organization at Merewether didn't solidify until June 1964 and has since gone on to become one of the most recognisable and cutthroat competitive powerhouses, it is now considered a heavyweight of board rider clubs to date.

Merewether isn’t just a club competitive powerhouse it’s much more than that, it’s all about mateship and surfing! No matter the conditions you will see everyone give it their all with this sense of passion bringing its fair share of professional surfers. This is merely evidenced by the man the myth the legend 4 time world champion Mark Richards and such other surfers as Matt Hoy, Sam Egan, Ryan Callinan, Jacko baker and Morgan Cibillic to name a few.


Not only is Merewether Board riders a surfers dream it was declared in March 2009 a National Surfing Reserve, due to the recognition of cultural and historical significance to Australian Surfing.

2010 the Club created a Hall of Fame for a truly exceptional core of surfers who have performed with rare distinction. The ten chosen as the first inductees for the Hall of Fame are not only brilliant surfers and individuals within the context of Merewether Surfboard Club, but are known and held in the highest regard in all corners of the surfing planet: Robbie Wood, Jim Newburn, Peter Cornish, Roger Clements, Mark Richards, Nick Wood, Simon Law, Luke Egan, Matt Hoy and Chad Edser. Celebrating 50 years in 2014 the Club was awarded the Australian Surfboard Club of the Year – Simon Anderson Surfing Australia Award.

Since the takeover of Slimes Boardstore Newcastle via the prolific A team of the North, Mick Adam and Tim Dickson, they have established themselves as not only honourable board club members but avid sponsors of MSC. With this continued support we have seen the board club power through and lift to become one of the powerhouses of the Australian Surf Scene.


She & the Sea Women's Boardriders

She & The Sea was established in 2022 by none other than the core lord and was amazing woman Elkie Ryssenbeek. The idea for the boardriders club was to be avibrant surfing club where the salty breeze whispers tales of passion and camaraderie. It's not just about riding the waves; it's about diving headfirst into a community where every woman finds her wave, her tribe, her joy.


Since the inaugural season the club numbers have risen in leaps and bounds and has truly established itself as an all-inclusive fun vibrant club within the Newcastle community. It has started to garner attention for women all around Newcastle and continues to keep bringing the froth to allow more people to learn the love of the ocean and muster up great friendships.


Since the start up Slimes Newcastle has been an ongoing sponsor and continues to support women’s surfing in the Newcastle community, whilst seeing She and the Sea establishing itself as core board riders club and continuing to assert dominance on the local scene.