Collection: New From Channel Islands

Introducing the latest wave of innovation from Channel Islands Surfboards! Dive into the surf with confidence and style with our brand-new accessories range, available at Slimes Surf Newcastle. Crafted with precision and designed for performance, our accessories are the perfect complement to your surfing adventures.

First up, we have our premium leashes, engineered to withstand the toughest conditions while providing ultimate freedom of movement. Whether you're carving up the waves or hanging ten, our leashes offer unparalleled durability and security, allowing you to focus solely on the thrill of the ride.

Enhance your grip and maximize your control with our cutting-edge grip pads. Engineered with advanced materials and precision design, our grip pads provide superior traction and comfort, ensuring you maintain your footing even in the most challenging surf conditions. Say goodbye to slips and slides and hello to uninterrupted surfing bliss.

Gear up for your next surf session with our versatile surf packs, designed to carry all your essentials with ease and convenience. From wax to sunscreen, our surf packs feature spacious compartments and durable construction, keeping your gear organized and protected while you conquer the waves.

Finally, protect your prized possession with our stylish and functional board bags. Engineered with premium materials and innovative design features, our board bags offer superior protection against bumps, dings, and scratches, ensuring your board stays in pristine condition no matter where your surfing adventures take you.

Experience the ultimate in performance and style with the new Channel Islands Surfboards accessories range, available now at Slimes Surf Newcastle. Dive in and elevate your surf game to new heights.