Collection: Learn to Surf Softboards

At Slimes Surf Shop Newcastle, we understand the importance of providing aspiring surfers with the best softboards for a seamless and enjoyable learning experience. Among our carefully curated selection, a few outstanding options stand out, catering to beginners of all ages and skill levels.

The Ocean and Earth Ezi Rider softboard is a top pick for those stepping onto a surfboard for the first time. With a generous outline and ample volume, this softboard ensures easy paddling, stable rides, and smooth transitions on smaller waves. The durable construction of the Ezi Rider makes it well-suited for the inevitable bumps and tumbles associated with the learning process, allowing newcomers to build confidence without the fear of damaging their board.

The Catch Surf Log, another gem in our collection, is renowned for its user-friendly design and stability. This softboard offers a comfortable platform for beginners, featuring a high-volume template that facilitates easy wave-catching and maneuvering. The Catch Surf Log's foam construction enhances safety, making it an excellent choice for those new to the surfing scene.

For riders seeking a versatile softboard that can adapt to a range of wave conditions, the Softech Roller is an excellent option. Crafted with a balance of stability and performance, the Roller softboard allows beginners to progress beyond the initial learning stages. Its user-friendly features, combined with a durable build, make it a reliable companion for surfers advancing their skills on various wave types.

JS Big Baron Softboard is another noteworthy addition to our lineup, offering a combination of stability and performance that suits both novice and intermediate surfers. This softboard features a refined shape, making it responsive on the waves while maintaining the forgiveness necessary for skill development. The Big Baron softboard is a great choice for learners who want to transition smoothly from the basics to more advanced maneuvers.

Lastly, the Ocean and Earth Creative Army General Softboard is designed for those who appreciate a board that combines style with functionality. With a unique template inspired by traditional longboards, the General softboard offers stability and ease of use for beginners while allowing for a more stylish and expressive approach as riders progress in their skills.

At Slimes Surf Shop Newcastle, we're dedicated to providing the best softboards for learning to surf, and our diverse range ensures that surfers of all levels can find the perfect board for their journey. Visit our store or explore our online selection to discover these exceptional softboards from Ocean and Earth, Catch Surf, Softech, JS, and more.