Collection: JS Carbontune


After six years of research and development, JS's brand new carbon construction is released to the world. They’ve tested dozens of different layups from wave pools to the ocean, and have settled on the unanimous favourite from JS and the Traktor Team in all conditions. The aim was always for endurance and performance unlike anything seen before in surfboard construction, and now we’re here.  


The benchmark after making Formula 1 style surfboards for 25 years is all about getting the balance of weight and durability into a board that will perform better than ever. JS are using all of that documented data on what is the optimal weight for each number of litres, for each surfer, and the type of surfing that they do. All of that has gone into making sure these CarboTune boards come out at those ideal specs. It’s a finely tuned balance for weight and durability to equal the performance we want. What the construction comes back to is a relatively simple formula: Weight & Durability = Performance. That’s why it’s taken 6 years – these elements have finally come together with the ideal balance for any surfboard made in CarboTune to both perform and last.


Carbon maximizes the weight to stiffness ratio of a surfboard, and provide you with a craft that efficiently turns power into speed. Translated for surfers and shapers - carbon provides an instant transfer of energy. So everything you put into it, CarboTune will give you back. Response will be immediate to any power directed to the board from the surfer or wave. This means that both angles and weight of carbon layups play a huge role in the R&D process and decision making on the boards’ construction. The weight of our actual carbon fibre cloth used is lighter than all other carbon we tested throughout R&D. It’s also lighter than the carbon fibre cloth used in most other surfboard constructions available around the world.

JS decided on this exact weight for better flex, while the finished overall weight of the board is still optimised for maximum momentum and projection. They found that this ideal overall weight is close to our pro level team weight in a PU board. For example, a 5’10” / 28.6L CarboTune Xero Gravity is 2.4kg / 5.3lbs, and a PU pro team board at the same dimensions & volume is usually 2.5kg / 5.5lbs.


1. It begins with an EPS core. No stringer.

2. Carbon fibre cloth is assembled to wrap the entire exterior, precision engineered using the exact same angle and weight in each layer that we settled on throughout R&D as the ideal combination for durability and flex.

3. Carbon fibre cloth is applied with a vacuum-bagging production technique to ensure consistency in lamination. This technique is something we have developed & refined throughout the manufacturing of our HYFI construction boards since 2015.

4. A new generation clear epoxy resin is used throughout lamination, chosen for its excellent bonding characteristics with carbon fibre. Epoxy adheres to the carbon fibres to improve the composite materials’ strength, durability, and chemical resistance. It also provides high resistance to UV light, preventing discolouration.

5. An automotive clear coat is used to finish each CarboTune board, sealing everything to ensure the cleanest possible watertight surface.

What’s the difference between CarboTune and HYFI or PU?

More than any other board and construction we’ve ever used, this will give you everything

in return. If you surf hard, you’ll get everything straight back with no energy

The other main point of difference with CarboTune is the longevity of performance.
CarboTune will maintain its ideal flex and durability much longer than epoxies,
and even longer still than regular fibreglass boards. 

 How do I look after my CarboTune board?

Poor board care can lead to delamination or discolouration. The below points are recommended for longevity of your Carbotune surfboard.

1. Don't leave in direct sunlight.
2. Don't expose to heat for extended periods of time.
3. Dry board before putting into a bag.

Do I ride the same volume as my HYFI & PU board?

Yes, JS have specifically engineered each dimension to equate seamlessly across all constructions.