Collection: Indo Season Essentials

As the surf travel season to Indonesia approaches, Slimes Surf Shop in Newcastle gears up to cater to the needs of surfers embarking on tropical adventures. With its vast array of products ranging from board covers to sunscreen, Slimes ensures that surfers are equipped with everything they need for a successful and enjoyable trip.

Board covers are essential for protecting surfboards during travel, and Slimes offers a variety of covers designed to fit different board sizes and styles. Whether surfers are flying to Bali or hopping between islands in Indonesia, these covers provide peace of mind knowing that their boards are safe from scratches and dings.

Leg ropes, grip pads, and wax are must-have accessories for any surf trip, and Slimes Surf Shop stocks a wide selection to suit every surfer's preferences. From high-performance leg ropes to eco-friendly wax options, surfers can find everything they need to maintain grip and control in the water.

Sun protection is crucial in Indonesia's tropical climate, and Slimes offers a range of sunscreen products to keep surfers safe from harmful UV rays. Rash shirts provide an additional layer of protection against the sun and surf, while boardshorts offer comfort and style for long days in the water.

For travelers needing to pack their surf gear, Slimes Surf Shop offers a variety of luggage options, including waterproof bags and surf-specific backpacks. These bags are designed to withstand the rigors of travel and keep surfers' gear dry and organized throughout their journey.

Safety is paramount in the water, and Slimes Surf Shop provides surf helmets for those seeking extra protection. Additionally, thongs (flip-flops) offer comfort and convenience for navigating sandy beaches and rocky shorelines.

Fin wallets are essential for keeping surfboard fins organized and protected during travel, and Slimes Surf Shop offers a range of options to suit different fin setups. Whether surfers are bringing multiple boards or just need to carry a few extra fins, these wallets ensure that fins are safely stored and easily accessible.

As surfers prepare to embark on their Indonesia surf adventure, Slimes Surf Shop in Newcastle stands ready to provide all the essential gear and accessories they need for a successful and memorable trip. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Slimes ensures that surfers are equipped for whatever the waves may bring.