MR/Mayhem Cali Twin - Board Review

MR/Mayhem Cali Twin - Board Review

Check out the MR x Mayhem California Twin here


The California Twin is a collaboration between Mark Richards and Matt Biolos who have come together to create this modern, high-performance small wave twin fin. The Cali Twin is based off MR’s iconic Super Twin and has been adjusted to help you make the most of smaller days. It features a lower entry rocker with a wider nose and tail block for plenty of glide in gutless surf but maintains MR’s modern tail rocker for sharp and precise turning. All up they’ve created a board which can grovel in anything but will still rip when a section comes your way.

Since its inception the Cali Twin has been incredibly popular with everyone from local punters to the worlds best and we have seen some sick clips pop up of Griffin Colapinto, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore all ripping on them!

Like all of MR’s modern twin fins the Cali is set up to be ridden as a Twin + Stabiliser and I definitely prefer mine with the stabiliser in unless the waves are properly tiny (you lose a lot of drive and hold). Its also a good idea to ride the Cali up 1-2 litres up from your normal shortboard because they are so loose and lively with plenty of pivot.

Recommended Conditions: Anything 1-4ft


  • Wider nose outline and shallow entry rocker for paddling power and speed when you’re up and riding
  • Single to double concaves for speed, lift and easy rail-rail transitions
  • FCSII Twin + Stabiliser 


 Review by - Tim Dickson

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