MR Bush Ranger Step-Up Board Review

MR Bush Ranger Step-Up Board Review

Check out the Bushranger Step-Up

Wow this thing goes incredible! I ordered my Bushranger Step-Up to use for the biggest days we get at home; with plenty of volume crammed into a 6’6 so that it has all the paddle power I need whilst still being easy to turn and short enough to be able to take off underneath the more ledgey waves. At around 33L, it is nearly 10L up from my normal shortboard and this combined with the thickness under the chest means that it has a whole load of paddle power. Along with all this help to get you into big, fast moving waves its also has a drawn in rounded pin tail for all the hold and control you need when the surf is pumping.

What blew me away about the Bushranger Step Up is how unbelievably responsive it feels through turns, even when the surf isn’t huge. I think that this can be put down to the way MR has shaped all that foam out to a thin and refined tail, the slight bumb wing positioned just in front of the back foot which shortens the rail line and deeper double concave through the fins than most guns. I also drop down to a smaller or more upright fin for my step-up to compensate for the tighter tail and am loving the Medium FCSII Matt Biolos Quads or as a thruster use a set of Small FCSII Performer Carbons (normally use Medium H4’s or AM’s in my shortboards).


  • Increased nose width/thickness under the chest for paddle power
  • Single to double concave with a steep tail rocker for high maneuverability and quick direction changes
  • A slight bumb-wing to shorten the rail line and tighten turning
  • 5-Fin FCSII setup to be ridden as a thruster or quad
  • Heavier glassing in 6+4/6oz for all our stock boards

Recommended Conditions: With a big jump up from my normal volume mine is perfect for anything  6-12ft, however if you rode one only a few litres up from your shortboard then around 4-8ft.

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