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JS Xero Hyfi 2.0 - Board Review

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Ellie Rides:

JS Xero Hyfi-2 (epoxy) – 5’5 x 18 5/8 x 2 3/16 - 23.5L


This board was chosen as I was looking for my next all round groveller board to use on those smaller mushier days in the 0–3-foot range in competitions. The key features that drew me to the xero were the distribution of the foam throughout the board and how it was fuller under the chest for ease of paddling.


After a few sessions on the JS Xero Hyfi-2 I noticed a few key areas that really excelled in my surfs, most noticeably the flatter entry rocker as I was able to paddle into those smaller mushier waves with ease whilst also having enough curve through the rest of the board to allow for me to push harder in the pocket.

Noticeably the rails aren’t too thick and full which I find key when picking my small wave boards, especially those that are epoxy as the different foam sits higher in the water. With this construction having the lower rail allowed me to dig deeper in my turns without the sacrifice of performance which you can sometimes get in epoxy.


With epoxy sometimes when the wind is quite strong the board will lift a bit more then needed and can feel a little bit light under your feet. Also, through my turns I noticed the board to be slightly stiffer as you lose a little bit of flex when using an epoxy foam. All in all though these are minor inconveniences as the board goes really well and responded quite well every time I pushed it harder under my feet. With theHy-Fi 2 Construction its slightly heavier than the previous epoxy so that was the only thing I would have wanted changed. So, JS seems to have hit the mark on that!

Best Conditions for it?

The Xero responded quite well in smaller mushier surf that didn’t have as much push in the wave, I combined the board with the FCSll Filipe Toledo Medium Fins. I found this combination worked best as it allowed for drive and speed through the wave whilst allowing for ease in transitioning through my turns. This board seemed to respond best on my backhand as I could easily whip the tail around and throw some added spray. As said previously with the added foam through the chest and nose of the board it paddled into those gutless waves with ease and didn’t sacrifice performance. Going forward I would recommend anyone looking for the perfect everyday board that optimises performance and fun in those smaller mushier days.

Reviewed by - Ellie Lambkin

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