JS Xero Gravity - Board Review

JS Xero Gravity - Board Review

Check out the JS Xero Gravity here

Tim Rides: 5'7 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4 - 24.9L

Demos Surfboards Available: 5'10 28.6L, 5'11 30.2L, 6'0 32.0L, 6'2 35.4L


The JS Xero Gravity is the latest and greatest performance-all rounder from our mates at JS! As Queenslanders they can't seem to work out daylight savings, but fortunately are very, very good at working out surfboards and this gem is no exception. I was lucky enough to get my Xero Gravity a few weeks back and have been testing it out before the model launched this week. I've now ridden it in a decent range of conditions and am loving it

From the outline, concaves, rails & rocker it performs exactly as you would expect - sharp, responsive, loves a steeper wall and the better the waves get, the better it feels. The dimensions are slightly compressed, allowing you to ride it a few inches shorter than a classic shortboard, but don't be fooled - this still has all the DNA of a high-performance, good-wave board. Compared to the Xero it has much more hold and draws longer arcs and will do its best work in anything from 2-6ft.

Recommended For: Intermediate to Advanced Surfers

The low rail is all about responsiveness and less about forgiveness, plus with a relatively narrow nose there are definitely better paddlers out there. If you're below average on the vast spectrum of surfing ability, get a Xero - you'll thank me later

Recommended Conditions: 2-6ft

If it's your only board in smaller surf, than throw in a looser reactor style fin for some extra release and pivot. If it's your only board in bigger than 6ft, stop kidding yourself and go buy a gun.

Finally, here is a poem to express my feelings

I really like the new Xero Gravity,
Between the fins - sweet double-concavity,
Thanks for shaping it Mr JS,
Come grab a demo and give it a test!

Review by - Tim Dickson

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