JS Forget Me Not 3 Board Review

JS Forget Me Not 3 Board Review

Store owner Tim Dickson reviews the JS Forget Me Not 3

Tim's Dims: 5'11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 - 25.3L


The Forget Me Not has been JS's flagship model in pumping waves for over a decade, and in that time has starred in some of the best WCT events I can remember. As the name suggests, the FMN3 is the 3rd iteration of the model and the main changes to its predecessor are lower/more refined rails and extra volume snuck into the middle of the board - a winning combo!

To put it simply the FMN3 is a high performance, good wave weapon with plenty of rocker, low rails, subtle concaves and a rounded pin-tail. All up this allows it to perform in the curve of steeper waves, control the extra speed generated by these powerful waves and be extremely responsive.

Recommended Conditions:

The Forget Me Not 3 is designed to be ridden anywhere from 3-8ft, and especially when the waves are steep and powerful (don't expect it to shine in fat head-high surf, but if its punchy barrels you will still have a great time at that size). The volume you select vs what you ride in an everyday shortboard will also make a big difference to the ideal wave range. My FMN3 is right around my normal shortboard volume so it feels great from 3-6ft at home and in the perfection of Indo, 8ft waves weren't a problem. However, if you are looking for performance in surf closer to the 8ft range, particularly when its not a ruler-edge reef, I would recommend jumping up around 20% from your standard volume (Eg. for 6-8ft Newcastle waves I would opt for 6'2 at 30.8L) 

And if you are chasing waves any bigger than this check out the Forget Me Not 3 Step-Up which has a more drawn in pin tail for extra hold and control.

Fin Set-Up:

As standard the Forget Me Not 3 is set-up with 5 fin boxes so you can ride it as a quad or thruster. Having these options to change the feel and response of the board depending on the conditions/your personal preference is awesome!

I would recommend using a thruster set in most occasions, as the pivot and predictability of the middle fin feels (to me) a lot better on rail. I have tried mine as a quad in 4ft waves at home but found it a bit too stiff, whereas with H4 Thrusters (my go-to shortboard fin) it was lively, sharp and still had plenty of hold. However, for a fast, down the line wave quads really come into their own, particularly in the barrel where the extra drive and hold is hard to beat (I used the FCS Matt Biolos Quads)

Written By: Tim Dickson

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