JS Forget Me Not 2

JS Forget Me Not 2

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Ellie Rides- 5’7 x 17 ¾ x 2 1/8   - 22.6L


The reasoning behind riding the JS FMT 2, was the need to fill the space in my quiver for when the surf is 3 foot and above. Upon one of my first waves on it in pumping 6 foot I noticed how it held the line, this was due to the key addition of having a medium to low rail line which added a bit of extra bite.  Another key addition was how well the board allowed me to do open carves, as it still managed to get that same feel in 6-foot waves as it would if I were to carve on smaller days without sketching out. Another positive I found with this board was it allowed for ease of release through my turns and didn’t bog out, I think having that medium rocker throughout the board also helped as it didn’t tend to catch on any lumps and bumps if the waves were turning a bit ugly.

Pros- (Key Features, what you loved about it)-

There were many things I liked about this board most notably the rounded tail, as it allowed for more hold in the pocket and drive down the line. Also, in anything 3 foot and above I found it super reliable, always held the line and carved nicely. I’ve used the FMN2 in pumping 6-foot Merewether all the way down to 3-foot Snapper rocks and always loved how it felt under the feet. Surprisingly I found it still paddled well even with the medium rocker in it as JS managed to foam in key areas under the chest for better paddling. The preferred fin system I use is FCSll, so I ran the Filipe Toledo Mediums as a thruster set up and found with this fin it added a bit more drive and hold through my turns. I would highly recommend this board for anyone looking for a board that is super reliable in anything 3 foot and above. So come on down and get a forget me not 2 otherwise shame on you!


There weren’t many things I didn’t like about this board, only really that when it’s a smaller mushier wave it doesn’t create as much speed as I would like but that’s when I would take a groveller board out anyway. Also, with having it as a 5-fin set up I really preferred it as a thruster but I’m sure as a quad in a wave in Indo or overseas it would go insane.

Reviewed By- EL 

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