What A Week!

What A Week!

Hi All

Just thought I’d talk about the week that we’ve had, firstly we saw the announcement from Mick Adam aka Ron Burgundy of the Slimes fantasy surfer winner. It was won by none other than Chicken Joe as he steam rolled his opponents and claimed bragging rights for the next year! (he  even finished 2nd in the world). He managed to score himself a custom MR supplied by Slimes local legends Mick & Tim.

 We also got blessed by the surf gods, with near perfect spring conditions of 3 foot glassy offshore surf, thus allowing for every man and his dog to crawl out from the wood works and clammer into the ocean. The introduction of Spring must have brought forth the warmer currents as we can finally ditch the horrid steamer and boogie our way into those stylish Spring suits, additionally giving us an extra spring* to our step on the way to the beach.

With that we would just like to conclude this piece as more people enter the water again during these warmer months, always respect the rules in the ocean please no drop in’s and don’t forget to have fun out there. To cap it off with a bit of surf wisdom brought to you by none other then Bodhi himself “Little hand says its time to Rock N Roll”

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