Surf N Turf Fundraiser

Surf N Turf Fundraiser

We're proud sponsors of Surfing The Spectrum and their annual fundraiser.
See event details below:
You are invited to support our mission and have the boldest, best time at......SURFING THE SPECTRUM’s Annual FUN-Raiser! This year it’s “Surf ‘n’ Turf!” theme. Surf in the morning with our Paddleboard Competition at Dixon Park beach. Enter, raise money for your team and compete on the day! Or simply donate to the cause!
Turf in the evening at Earp Distilling Co! Come swoon out to Louis Abel, cut shapes dancing to Trip Fandino, eat some hearty food, have a sip on quality beverages, outbid your mates in the auction, enjoy some awesome raffle prizes up for grabs, or just come for a boogie and the vibes!
* Also worth mentioning $45 of your ticket cost and any donations on the night will be tax deductible!
This event is a celebration of local community support, of which we as the town of Newcastle pride ourselves on, and also just a chance to to have some bloody good old-fashioned kookiness and fun! 

So C’mon Novocastrians! Come rally in salty support for this worthy cause!
 Put your wetty on! Saddle up ya horse and bring your cousin, your neighbour, or just rock up and join our STS family at the most radical venue in town Earp Distilling Co for the night of the year!

Hope we may have the benefit of your warm company and support!!

But, what exactly is Surfing the Spectrum?! 
Surfing the Spectrum is a local,Newcastle based, not for profit charity, that hosts free surf therapy events. Our mission is to share the joys and lessons of the ocean with autistic children and their families. Currently we partner with local surf schools and amazingly, dedicated volunteers to host events throughout NSW, but we are determined to provide more kids the opportunity to froth out! With your help by attending this event, we will be branching into Queensland and Victoria this year. 

Our mission with this FUN-Raiser event is to raise $50,000! This money will be used to ensure the continuation of Surfing the Spectrum events and training programs in our 2022/23 season. Most importantly, this will make sure we can continue to achieve our mission of sharing the joys and lessons of the ocean and surfing with autistic children and their families.
Love from the Surfing the Spectrum family.
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