Slimes 2022 Wave of the Winter Presentation

Slimes 2022 Wave of the Winter Presentation


Hey All

Just want to give a special recap on the night that was, it started off a bright sunny day, blue skies were nigh the water temp was a glistening 18C and the Wave of the Winter comp was had. As everyone collectively stumbled into Modus Brewery at 3 pm to start sinking enough brew to knock a herd of cows out, we were all waiting in anticipation for the winner to be announced. The ever present ever ominous big wave charger and Slimes owner Tim Dickson kicked the day off with a few special prizes, such as People choice award going down to the wire with Trav Lynch taking it out via a dubious voting system of two points over the crowd favourite Rod Owens. We also saw Wipe Out of the Year award get its inaugural winner, joint Jousting* winners might I add with Kye Nelson and Joel Horton taking it out respectively, whilst trying to take each other’s eyes out. All of which were filmed by joint film winners Dave “Pa” Anderson and Shane Blue.

As the day turned into night and a few broken glasses were had, we dropped the announcement for the hottest trophy in Newcastle, as everyone was ushered in and told to silence their phones and any opinions they had on the matter, It was time to crown wave of the winter Winner. The local lord and 4x World Champion Mark Richards had the tough task of picking the winner, of which he found it harder to pick then the collective build-up of snot in one’s nostrils. Mark decided to call up a few pals (not to name drop but Mick Fanning and Joel “Parko” Parkinson) to name a few. The decision was tight and harder to pick then a day on the grog playing two-up. So, after much deliberation and watching the footage of Gus “Nicho” Nicholson and Lewie Dunn on the slowest motion ones Nikon recorder money could offer, Mark chose a winner.

He gave a break down of each special ride and what made them so great, however he crowned young grommet and son of local big wave charger Gus “Nicho” Nicholson the winner. We saw probably the best acceptance speech one’s money doesn’t have to offer with man of few words saying that being crowned champ was “hectic” and “yea felt good” to name a few special quotes. As the night slowly came to an end there were raffle prizes to be won, all supplied by Slimes Newcastle and core lords Ocean & Earth with proceeds going to Surfing the Spectrum, after such everyone drowned their sorrows collectively praising Tim and Mick for all their hard work for the year to run this special event.

We would just like to give a special shout out to Modus Brewery for letting us host such a stupendous event at their fine establishment with special thanks to Ocean & Earth for giving away some epic merch, surfing the spectrum for all the hard work they do throughout the year and most of all, YOU! The people of Newcastle because without such a loyal and caring community none of this would have been able to come true. So that’s a wrap for another year, enjoy your Christmas prawns and see you next year, for an even bigger and better Wave of the Winner.


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