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The Extended Surfing Terms Glossary

Catch the Wave of Knowledge

Surfing, with its unique culture and terminology, has a language all its own. As you dive deeper into the surfing world, understanding these terms becomes crucial for becoming part of the tight-knit community. Here's an extended glossary to further enhance your surfing vocabulary:


  1. A-Frame: A wave that breaks perfectly, forming the shape of an A.
  2. Backside: Surfing with your back facing the wave.
  3. Bottom Turn: A manoeuvre where a surfer turns at the bottom of the wave to set up for the next manoeuvre.
  4. Carve: Making powerful, sweeping turns on the wave face.
  5. Choppy: Waves with irregular surfaces due to wind or other factors.
  6. Cross-Step: A footwork manoeuvre, often associated with longboarding.
  7. Duck Dive: A technique used to dive under an incoming wave while paddling out.
  8. Face: The front part of the wave where surfers ride.
  9. Firing: Used to describe waves that are consistently good.
  10. Foam Ball: The vortex of water inside a barrel wave.
  11. Glassy: Waves with a smooth, clean face.
  12. Goofy Foot: Riding with the right foot forward.
  13. Green Room: The hollow space inside a barrel wave.
  14. Hang Ten: Having all ten toes over the nose of the surfboard.
  15. Hollow: Refers to a wave that is steep and creates a tube.
  16. In the Soup: Falling in the foamy, turbulent part of a wave.
  17. Inside: The area between the shore and where the waves break.
  18. Inside Section: The part of the wave closer to the shore.
  19. Kook: Refers to an inexperienced or unskilled surfer.
  20. Leash: A cord that attaches a surfer's ankle to the surfboard, preventing it from drifting away.
  21. Line-Up: The specific spot where surfers position themselves to catch the best waves.
  22. Lip: The top part of the breaking wave.
  23. Mushy: Waves that lack power and are less steep.
  24. Nose Ride: Riding the front (nose) of the surfboard.
  25. Offshore Wind: Wind blowing from the land towards the ocean, creating clean and well-formed waves.
  26. Outside Set: A larger set of waves coming from the open ocean.
  27. Paddle Battle: Competing with other surfers to catch the same wave.
  28. Pearling: When the nose of the surfboard digs into the water, causing the surfer to fall.
  29. Pig Dog: A surfing stance where a surfer crouches low on the board.
  30. Point Break: A type of wave that breaks along a point of land, creating a long and peeling wave.
  31. Quiver: A surfer's collection of boards for different conditions.
  32. Rail: The edges of the surfboard.
  33. Reef Break: Waves that break over a coral or rocky reef.
  34. Re-entry: A manoeuvre where a surfer redirects the board off the lip of the wave.
  35. Rip Current: A narrow, fast-flowing current that moves from the shore to deeper water.
  36. Set Wave: The larger waves in a series.
  37. Skimboarding: Riding a thin board on the shallow wash of waves.
  38. Slash: A sharp turn on the face of the wave.
  39. Soup: The white, foamy part of a broken wave.
  40. Soul Surfer: A surfer who embodies the true spirit and love for surfing.
  41. Swell: The series of waves approaching the shore.
  42. Tail Slide: Sliding the tail of the surfboard on the face of the wave.
  43. Trim: Adjusting the position on the wave to maintain speed.
  44. Tubular: Used to describe a perfect, hollow wave – the dream of every surfer.
  45. Turtle Roll: Flipping the surfboard upside down to go under a breaking wave.
  46. Wax Job: Applying wax to the surfboard for better traction.
  47. Windswell: Waves generated by local winds.
  48. Wipeout: Falling off the surfboard in a spectacular or uncontrolled manner.
  49. Wrangler: Someone who is skilled at riding big waves.
  50. Zigzag: Manoeuvring across the face of the wave in a back-and-forth pattern.
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Ride the Waves

Now armed with a broader surfing vocabulary, you're ready to communicate fluently with fellow surfers. Each term adds depth to your understanding of the sport and enhances your ability to appreciate the nuances of the waves. So, grab your board, hit the surf, and let the language of the sea become second nature.

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