Surfboard Repairs Newcastle

Surfboard Repairs Newcastle

Have you ever damaged that one surfboard and thought how the F**K am I gonna fix things? Well let me answer your prayers with the name only whispered through the magical land of ding repairs. Some know him as the Wizard from the West others only know him from such songs as Nothing Compares to You, his family however know him as Levi Jones and he is the master surfboard repairer who can fix just about anything!

His work started in a local shaping bay on the Central Coast fixing boards and help make fresh sleds for Whizstix, it wasn’t long  before news started to garner from the wild west of how good his repairs were. Soon after Swellnet wrote an article on him and his exquisite exploits of the resin crafts. His work has also garnered attention from surfboard historians who have rekindled their love of an old board through the work of Levi’s restorations.

We have seen him fix boards that were destined for the dump broken, in half creased from nose to tail fin blow outs and many more, the guy is a freak who can fix anything (even a broken Heart I’m hoping…)   So quick come in an drop that board to be fixed within, here at your local number 1 surfboard shop enthusiasts Slimes Newcastle

Check out Swellnet's interview with Levi here

Or Levi's Facebook page for his latest restoration work

Or pop by Slimes Newcastle to check out a few of Levi's original fibreglass artworks up for sale... 

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