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The Firewire fin set from Futures features a carbon fiber base for stiffness and ample drive, while the tip of the fins feature honeycomb and unidirectional carbon fiber, for a lively response out of your turns. Comes with three fins and a fin key.

Side fins height is 4.64" and base is 4.46".


Questions From Buyers

What is a Futures fin?
Future fin boxes are the most user friendly and strongest removable fin system available on the market. The system offers all the positive features of removable fins, while providing better performance than glass-on fins.

Why is Future Fins the strongest fin system? 
Futures is the strongest out of any other fin system because its strength comes from its encompassing flange. This flange acts as a lap joint, which is similar in looks and in strength as an L-bracket. The perfect material ratio mix of the box and flange allows the flange to adhere to the foam and fiberglass when laminated.

How are they different than FCS fins?
Futures fins feature a full base. In other words, the fin is connected to the board along the entire base. This amounts to 60% more attachment than plug systems (like FCS).

What is TechFlex?
Techflex has a flat foil designed to open out so the cant will increase as the fin flexes in the middle (where there is no carbon). This enables the fin to generate more lift. The carbon in the tip makes the tip extremely responsive.

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