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“Tearing and charging through Hawaii”

Team Slimes, Jack Ragen, tearing and charging his way through Hawaii!

Jacks Quiver:

  • 5’4 DHD DNA
  • 5’5 DHD DNA
  • 5’8 DHD Ducks Nuts
  • 6’0 DHD Ducks Nuts
  • 6’6 DHD Ducks Nuts

DNA Overview:

This is the best board for everyday use and high performance. I like to use these boards in waves anywhere from 1 foot to around 5ft. Very good for being a bit looser and doing more vertical snaps. I would say my favourite model from DHD at the moment. I run FCS2 Kolohe Smalls but also like to use Accelerator Carbon Smalls.

Ducks Nuts Overview:

These are the best used when the waves start to get into the Large and XL range. I like to uses this model whenever the waves get around the 6-10 ft mark and is my go to for Sunset when its XL. This model really holds its own when it’s big and gives you the ability to do turns in bigger conditions. Again FCS2 Grom Accelerator HoneyComb.


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