“Boards, beer, music, art, film and surf culture all under the one roof and all for charity.”

Date: Saturday November 21st
Time: 11am – 5pm
Location: The Edwards (Across the road from Slimes Newcastle)
Address: 148 Parry St, Newcastle West

Link: Facebook Event

The fine people of The Edwards and Slimes have once again got together to bring you the 2nd Annual Board Swap Meet – if you went to the last one, it is basically that x10. The general premise is still the same; rock up in the morning with your boards, we will give you an evaluation, wack a price tag on it and do our best to flog it off.

Meanwhile you enjoy:

  • The visual majesty of Barnz Art and Real Salad who will be selling art, doing live art and tricking out your board
  • Arousing music by Musketeer, vinyl sensai Dunny, Luke Mahler and Loui Abell
  • On-site ding repairs by Slimes Newcastle’s Mick “Pop Diddy” Adam (just for the little jobs) 
  • The option to donate money to Sids and Kids in exchange for beer for the first two kegs thanks to our friends Stone & Wood and their Karma Keg initiative 
  • Photographic exhibition Local Shapes which documents the Newcastle surf community by large format film maestro Paul Burke Photography
  • A chance to chat with some local shapers including 4x world champion Mark Richards
  • Some absolute bargains in our Newcastle Store 
  • Plenty classic surf films projected on the big screen 

The event will also feature our curated selection of stalls including:

All the while you get a warm feeling on the inside knowing that every donation you paid for beer and every board you buy will be helping out Sids and Kids Fundraiser Crew, who will also be holding a big raffle with some awesome prizes from Ripcurl and others!

Then at the end of the day, we give you the cash from your board sale.

**More stuff to be announced and some of the things we talked up to be confirmed